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 We are a family-owned restaurant located in the central district of Seattle;  a little south of downtown. Our passion is to bring to your pallet an ancient menu that reflects the ancient healthy lifestyle of eating fresh. All the ingredients that make up our menu are homemade from scratch and not processed.True the ancient art of slow cooking with clay dutch ovens are replaced with modern equipment, but our method is still the same. We still follow the old method and strive to bring the authentic Ethiopian art of preparing food to bring to you the dishes that were once in the dining banquets of Queen of Sheba. Some of the dishes on the menu may take six hours of close attention to cooking and constant stirring the ingredients to craft the dish to perfection. They reflect the ancients’ way of living when days were long and friends had time to entertain guests and surprise them with the exquisite meal at their home or pack it all in an AGELGIL ( a’- gil- ghee- L)for a picnic to delight “under the bow”.​

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